Free Cloud Storage

I have been using a Memorex 1GB thumbdrive now for about 3years.  I mainly store files and applications I need just in case I have to perform a system rebuild, or files for my websites that I need to modify.  The other day, I was in southern Minnesota with my brother and a friend taking some motocross riding videos and pictures.  I got back to my friends house and wanted to copy them over my thumbdrive…..what???……no thumbdrive???…..forgot at home. I told him email mail these videos to my google account and I would check for them when I get home.  My friend called and said the files are too big to send I’ll burn them to DVD and send it to you.  I did some research and found wonderful time saver for file collaberation logo

This site gives you 5GB of free online storage and you can share the files with friends.  I tried it out with several people and I have to tell you its been a smooth time saver for me.  My friends dump there videos into my storage drive and I can pick them up wherever I may be via internet connection.  It is a very user friendly web application and most importantly in this day and age FREE!!!